We were working on math homework while Gigi took a nap.

"How was school?"


"What did you do at recess?"

"Played Ninja.  Some of the girls who usually chase me weren't at school today so I got to play Ninja all recess instead of running away from girls."

"Why do they chase you?"

He looked at me.  He takes a deep breath. 

"They want me to be their boyfriend."


"And I told them no.  I keep telling them no."

"Ok."  I am relieved.  I am not putting up with a gradeschool romance.  No way.  We've had this discussion - me and Will - and I'm relieved he was listening.  Unfortunately Will hasn't yet learned that when Mama is relieved Son should stop talking.  He nibbles his brownie.

"Yeah, I told them 'I can't be your boyfriend.  My mom is a little nuts.  My mom will go crazy if I have a girlfriend.'  I keep telling them they don't want to make my mom crazy."

So now I have a vision of homecoming 2019 and Will is unable to get a date because everytime he asks a girl she says "No - remember in 1st grade you told me your mom was crazy?  No way I'm going with you."