Old Habits

There was a note on a stack of envelopes and papers waiting for me this morning. 

"Please, if you get a chance, I need you to take care of my car's vehicle registration and run these photos to the post office."

Sadly, these instructions make me happy.  The thing I miss most about work is being someone's "Right Arm".  Chris pretty well takes care of himself.  I don't get messages left on scraps of paper.  I miss those.  I miss the "Mail this", the "Call them", and "Bring us up to date with our payment" notes of the working world. 

I was gleeful.  I had errands to run.  I made a list "Ballet.  Vehicle Registration.  Post Office."  As I made the list I realized there were only three things on it.  I didn't need a list for that.  I didn't care. 

I've been "unemployed" nearly a year.  Does this go away?