I love him...I just forgot his name...

Last summer Reagan played YMCA T-ball, which was a fun experience for her and us. After surviving several seasons of T-ball/Baseball with Wilson, it was fun to see Reagan get out there and swing a bat. The great thing about it is that Reagan is a very friendly child, and she quickly made friends with the best player on the team, the coach's son. Sure enough, game after game Reagan would take her position on the field close to this little boy, and she would smile at him sweetly as he intercepted every ball that came her way.

Soon Reagan began referring to said boy as her "boyfriend." Well why not? He made sure that she wouldn't have to work real hard on the t-ball field and he was a very nice, well-mannered fella. Sadly enough, the season ended last summer and she didn't see him again. Until last night.

The four of us were shopping in Target, Reagan was walking with her brother, holding hands and behaving. As we neared the grocery section, we look over and there's coach and his wife, and the little boy was in the cart with his mom and dad. Wilson noticed, and said to his sister:

W - "Hey, isn't that your coach? And wasn't he on your team?"

R - "Yes. Oh wow. That is coach. Oh, and that's my boyfriend."

W - "Your boyfriend? You haven't seen him in months! You never even talked to him on the phone. How can he be your boyfriend?"

R - "Because he's my boyfriend. And I love him. I love that boy."

W - "Oh yeah? What's his name? I bet you don't know."

R - "Yeah, I forgot. I don't remember his name. I'll just call him my boyfriend...because I love him."

Jolene and I laughed and continued our shopping. We're sure this won't be the last boyfriend that we will have to deal with, but this little guy with no name might be the easiest.