Home Stretch

The idea of "The Vegetarian Experiment" was to prepare only vegetarian meals in our home for the summer.  From Memorial Day to Labor Day we would have a vegetarian house.  We are a few weeks away from the end of the Vegetarian Experiment.  We did really well.  We ate some really great things.  We also learned that trying out a recipe created by non-vegetarians for vegetarians is ALWAYS going to be a disaster.  It's like the meat eaters come up with the nastiest idea and say "Heh Heh, wish you could whip up a burger right about now, huh?" 

The kids did well.  Chris did well.  Of course, I knew Chris would do well because the Vegetarian Experiment covered only those meals cooked in the house and Chris works.  He gets to leave the house and find his way to meat.  Everyone here, in all honesty, was a very good sport.  We have new family favorite recipes that we will always use.

But I've noticed something strange occuring the closer we get to Labor Day.  The kids turn on Food Network.  They watch Paula Deen attentively, mouths watering.  My children covet her food.  Will went as far to suggest between Labor Day and Christmas we should cook only Paula Deen recipes.  I told him I didn't think that was going to happen.  His response?  "Man cannot live by quinoa alone."  Veggies have increased the speed of his brain and his mouth.