I think if two kids come from the same parents, they should be the same person.  I know that's sort of one of the joys of parenting, but if I could have the same make and model for my two kids I think Spring Break would have been easier.

Waking Up - Will takes care of his breakfast needs and entertainment needs while letting Mommy sleep in.  Gigi is up and ready to go at 6 am.  She wants sausage, scrambled eggs, pancakes, orange juice, and pancakes.  Since she is 3 this means Mommy will not sleep in.

Breakfast - Whilst she demanded all of that food, she will eat only the eggs.  Will, who ate a slice of bread on his own will come in and eat everything left over.  Then, in 5 minutes he will ask "What's for Lunch".

Lunch - Gigi is happy with either a 79 cent nacho from Taco Bell or ramen noodles.  Will wants lobster or steak - or surf 'n turf.  He says he's not picky.

Getting Dressed - In the process of explaining to Will what time lunch is served around the house, both kids have dressed for the morning.  Gigi is wearing her favorite shirt - her Las Vegas hot pink shirt - a leopard print skirt, play high heels, and a tiara.  Will is wearing underwear.  I remind him that sleeping in underwear is fine, but when one wakes up and gets out of bed, something else should be added to that outfit.  He asks why.  Gigi says "It's nasty."  I say "It's depressing and bum-ish."

Clean Up - Will is a worker bee.  Gigi sits with a play tea cup and yells about Will's bad attitude, which he has because he's the only one cleaning up the mess that I'm pretty sure wasn't his to begin with.

Lunch - Will is not a fan of Gigi's Ramen Noodles.

After lunch - no one can agree on "something fun".  Gigi wants to play games or watch a tv show.  Will wants to go to the park.  Gigi doesn't want to go to the park.  Mommy wants a nap.

Naptime - both kids want to nap with Mommy, which is the only thing they both want to do.  Mommy makes both kids angry and chooses to share naptime with dogs because they're quiet and don't tattle.

Afternoon - Both kids paint on the porch.  They have different artistic styles and they argue the finer points of "scribble-scrabble" and "copying".  I bring the kids root beer floats and veggies and pretend like they're art critics and not squabbling kids.

Dinner - Chris arrives home and both kids are again in agreement that he is the parent who is the most fun, the most loved, and the most in demand.  Mommy is relieved because for the next several hours, the first word out of their mouths won't be "Mommy!" yelled and spread into 10 syllables.

Sadly, I'm really going to miss having them both all day with nothing to do now that Spring Break is over.